Where as some artist pull from history, chronicling the inhumane ways many were treated, I find myself fascinated by the masterfully ways our predecessors dealt with, adapted to, and mustered up the will to live.

They met the challenge to survive from a spiritual wellspring and a primal inventiveness that suggests and affirms their being created in God's image! Refuse became their resource; from which they created masterful works!(Johnston, Traylor and more recently Bearden).

It is from this vantage point that I see the word "BEAUTIFUL" and gather my inspiration to make art. 'Broke Glass Negro' is the title of a portrait series I created from shattered bottles. The glistening shards, often still partly assembled in brown bags, brought to mind the colorful characters I knew as a boy growing up in the Marcy projects.

As children we often played stickball, in empty lots, dotted with timepieces of glass, gleaming from the sun's rays. Hats came off, singing stopped and wine bottles half emptied were pocketed when, respected elders came walking by. Broken bottles marked that spot too! Exploding glass seemed so appropriate, since it burst is immediate, yet fading. Broken glass for many, life may have seemed just as fragile , yet for others it summoned a spark of life!